Vacuuming Adventures

Today is a sucky day – I sucked up an athletic sock and a washcloth into the vacuum. The sock went through fine but I had to retrieve the washcloth. Sort of like taking a bite that is too big to swallow.

2013-01-05_00-21-08_823 Why are dogs so afraid of the vacuum? Maybe he saw what happened to the athletic sock. My granddog weighs 150 pounds and won’t go into a room that has a vacuum even when it is sitting quietly put away. The vacuum, not the dog.

What vacuum adventures have you had? What is the most interesting thing you sucked up?

3 thoughts on “Vacuuming Adventures

  1. yesturday i went to the local walmart and i bought exactly 29 pairs of assorted neon color and design socks and right when i got home, i plugged in and turned on my 6.5 gallon shop vac and sucked them all up right out of the package then i went back and bought more and sucked them all up to :) and that time i bought like 12 pairs of thong and g-string underwear and let the vacuum eat them all up its pretty fun :)

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