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On Your Mark, Get Set, Write

You have a story to tell. A message to share. You can write, and here’s how to begin.

Before you begin to write, save time and effort by knowing these four things.

  1. What is your idea?
  2. Who is your audience?
  3. How does your idea, message, or story benefit your audience?
  4. What is the best method to share your idea to your particular audience?

What’s Your Idea?

Every project begins with an idea.

First, decide what is the story or message, lesson or insight you want to share.

Hone the idea to a laser point. The tighter the focus the better you stay on target when you write. The tighter the message the easier for your reader to follow where you take them.

Do not be intimidated to find others have written on the same topic. You have your own slant, your own experience, your own insight which is unique to you. There is always room in the market for fresh ways of thinking on a familiar topic. Your voice will be different from other authors.

Put considerable thought into how you will present your idea in a unique fashion.

  • The Patent: When the world teeters on the verge of World War III, the nation that develops a patent attorney’s invention will be militarily invincible in the race for global dominance. Now America’s enemies have stolen the plans and kidnapped the inventor. Marc Wayne must find a way of escape before his captors realize the invention is theoretical. Or is it?
  • The Girl Who Wore Freedom: A children’s picture book shares the impact of D-Day on a five-year-old French child.

Wanna test your book idea? Publish the topic as an article. Introduce your memoir in a Chicken Soup for the Soul submission. Readers will give valuable feedback.

What is your idea?

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