bonding with child through boundaries cover

Bonding With Your Child Through Boundaries

Discover the essential role of boundaries, how they contribute to
the development of a child’s character and
how they equip kids for a lifetime of learning.

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Children need boundaries in order to flourish.

Parenting is one of life’s greatest privileges. Yet, over the years parents have become perplexed and frustrated. Well-meaning parents say, “Just tell me what to do – I promise I’ll do it!”

But, the solution isn’t a simple, one-step “it.” The solution is a life-changing mind-set that’s centered on the word boundaries and flanked between two Rs – repercussions and rewards.

In Bonding with Your Child through Boundaries, biblical counselor June Hunt, along with PeggySue Wells, combines biblical hope and practical help to motivate parents to understand and practice appropriate boundaries with their children.

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