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On Writing

Five Improvements Every Writer Can Do By Noon
No matter where you are in your career, these five simple tips can be the jet fuel that launches you to the next level.

Writing Essentials You Have to Know
Win editors and influence publishers. To write like a professional, you need to know what the professionals know. Learn the essential trade secrets that spell the difference for a professional manuscript including manuscript format, structure, self-editing techniques, and focus for your target audience.

Essential Fiction Techniques
Whether you’re writing fiction, or spicing up your non-fiction with fiction techniques, develop dynamic dialog, pivotal plots, creative characters, and sensational settings for page-turning results.

Creative Characters
What makes a character memorable? Scrooge, Ann of Green Gables, Sherlock Holmes were so well crafted that they live beyond the book covers and are household words. Here’s how to create your own larger than life, believable personalities.

Dynamic Dialog
You know well-crafted dialog when you read it and everyone enjoys reading it. Here are the dos and don’ts of effective dialog including styles of speech, clue words, transitions, and what to do with profanity. Know what banned words should never appear in your dialog. Move your story forward and develop your characters through the fine development of dialog.

Secrets of Sensational Settings
Spice your story with the ideal setting. Incorporate fresh description, significant symbolism, and relevant backgrounds. Craft your setting so that this story could not have happened anywhere else.

Pivotal Plots
Increase suspense and interest in your story through plots and subplots. Weave your unique spin on the nine original plots, enhanced through the point of view that best serves your tale.

Essentials of Winning Queries and Proposals
Selling your work hinges on crafting an irresistible query and proposal. We’ll go through the process paragraph by paragraph, page by page. Short of holding your hand until Simon & Schuster call to ask if you’ve written anything lately, this workshop launches you into the publishing game.

Double the Creativity, Double the Fun
When does the sum of one plus one equal ten? When two creative minds invest their talents in a partnered project. These are the have to know aspects of co-authoring. Writing with a partner takes your project to another level if you craft the relationship wisely. Here is the what to do, and the what not to do, of co-authoring.

On Living Full Blast, Full Out

From Victim to Victorious
Here are five vital steps you can implement by noon to move your life forward. Improve your relationships and embrace your potential. Find freedom to be all you can be.

Rediscover Your Happily Ever After
All people have two things in common. We all experience pain and everyone needs a Savior. We are most like Christ when we forgive and create. Experience the power of forgiveness and the gift of creativity.

Links God’s Chain of Compassion
All human beings experience pain. Whether a crisis spells danger or opportunity often depends on how we respond. And how we respond often depends on what type of support we receive. When there are no adequate words, how can we encourage those around us who experience crisis in their lives?

Successful Single Parenting
Can single parent families be healthy families? The answer is a resounding Yes! And it takes commitment, consistency, and some roll-up-your-sleeves hard work. Statistics predict half of all children in the United States will live in a single parent home before age 18. Here are the components to creating a nurturing environment for you and your children.

Rahab’s Prescription for Renewed Life
Left to us, the consequences of our sins will affect generation after generation. But God in His mercy, steps in. Do you come from a dysfunctional, rejecting earthly heritage? God invites you to be adopted into His family. Break the chains of the past. Embrace abundance today. Rest secure in a promising heritage for future generations.

Real Beauty
What is real beauty? Is it perfect teeth, a good hair day, and a Barbie figure? Sure, it’s nice to look nice. But true beauty begins far deeper and radiates out. Even if you’ve come to the metallic age of life, sporting silver in your hair, gold in your teeth, and lead in your rear end, you can be stunningly beautiful.

Spend it Forward
Our lives are to be spent. Not to be saved. Each of us decides how we will invest our life. Are you living on purpose? Do you have a plan? Today is an opportune time take stock and invest your life in ways that will outlive you.

What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Say To Your Own Family
Here is a peek at what successful families are doing right so we can use their great ideas! Families today are under tremendous stresses because of busy schedules. All families face crisis sooner or later. Learn the secrets of relationship glue that holds thriving families together through thick and thin.

Parenting on Purpose
Effective parents need effective methods. Included are key aspects of parenting in the areas of relationship, personal growth, and spiritual growth. Implement these simple core principles in your own home.