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You want to write a book. Now what?

Ever wish you had a professional writer to help you write your book? You have a message worth sharing, and I can guide you through the creative process of turning your idea into words on a manuscript. You can do this, and I’ll show you how.

As a bestselling author of 40 titles and ghostwriter for many more, people frequently contact me, wanting to know how to write the story they want to share with the world.

You Can Write Right Now Workshop is your opportunity to stop struggling with what you don’t know and make your dream of writing a book a reality.

Congratulations on investing in yourself and in your idea. This course sets you up for success by identifying what you want to say, who you want to say it to, and how to say it best. You’ll get on the fast track for learning the tools of the craft, and map your writing goals so you have a crystal clear picture of what you are working towards in the Write Way Workshop.

Discover and apply vital skills in the craft of plot, character, setting, and dialog to make your story sharp and memorable.

Let’s begin.


Mark, Get Set, Write!

Write Right Now Workshop gives teens and adults the tools to craft your message into a manuscript.

1) There are many writing genres to choose from. Which format is best for your message?

2) Two ways to begin writing your book.

3) Three essential elements you must have for a compelling story.

4) How to format your manuscript to industry standards.

5) How to begin, and keep the words coming. 

Pivotal Plots

Pen Pivotal Plots

Create compelling, page-turning stories by layering plots

Learn the nine common plots, plus two more, that amplify, intensify, and magnify your writing.

Creative Characters

Craft Creative Characters

Scrooge, Jack Sparrow, Katniss Everdeen, Frodo Baggins, and Scarlet O’Hara were so well crafted that they are household words.

Create your own larger than life, believable personalities that are so memorable they live beyond the end of the story.


Sensational Settings

Shape Sensational Settings

From nearly invisible to as active as the main character, the setting is a story’s time, place, mood, surroundings, cultural nuances, historical period, and backdrop. Setting can be the story.

Enhance your story by crafting a three-dimensional setting.

Dynamic Dialog

Draft Dynamic Dialog

Well said, great dialog is quoted for generations. Here are the do’s and don’ts of effective dialog including styles of speech, clue words, transitions, what to do with profanity, and what words should never appear in your dialog.

Fill your story with conversations that are clever, concise, and crucial.

You are off to a great start.

What about writer’s block? Research? Point of view?

Here are tips to keep going until those final words: The End.

Download The Worksheets

Mark, Get Set, Write!

This cheat sheet for On Your Mark, Get Set, Write lists the highlights for beginning your writing project.

Pivotal Plots

Find a summary of the 11 types of pivotal plots in this cheat sheet.

Creative Characters

Craft creative characters readers care about with help from this cheat sheet.

Sensational Settings

This cheat sheet lists the important aspects to include in a sensational setting.

Dynamic Dialog

Draft dynamic dialog with this cheat sheet summarizing what to keep and what to take out.

Git 'R Done

Find tips in this cheat sheet to keep writing and complete your project.