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Valentine’s Day Is For Single Moms

For single moms, Valentine’s Day can feel like single-awareness day. However, more than a feeling, love is an action. On Valentine’s Day and every day, there are unlimited ways to receive love as well as demonstrate appreciation and affection for others.

First, fill your own emotional tank so you can give from a place of abundance.

With your kids, listen to the dramatized story of Saint Valentine in the Adventures in Odyssey episode, The Last I Do.

To Love Others On Valentine’s Day And Every Day

  • Give generous tips
  • Say, ‘please’
  • Say, ‘thank you’
  • Open the door for someone
  • Remove ‘You never’ and ‘You always’ from your vocabulary
  • Avoid criticizing, complaining, condemning
  • Drop excuses
  • Listen to understand
  • Forgive
  • Extend grace
  • Write a thank you note
  • Send someone a bit of paradise with the book, Chasing Sunrise

To Valentine well on Valentine’s Day and everyday, learn the history of Saint Valentine and his strength of integrity to stand for what is right. Love and commitment is a sacrifice worth making and celebrating. Valentine’s Day is opportune for remembering the people in your life that you love and that love you.

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What are your tips for living well? 

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