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Writing Interviews and Podcasts

Over the years I’ve been blessed to be interviewed and to interview engaging and pivotal people, each with life changing, inspirational, and motivational lessons.

Cynthia Simmons: Heart of The Matter

In her novel, The Patent, the central issue revolves around decision making which turned out poorly. In light of the story, PeggySue shared tips on making good decisions.

Your Best Writing Life: Writing From the Beginning

Beginning writers need this. Before you sit down to write, listen to this episode. Award-winning author, PeggySue Wells provides succinct tips to get your writing career started.

Your Best Writing Life: Penning Pivotal Plots

 Learn how to get clear on writing your story plot to enhance your readership. 

Your Best Writing Life: Crafting Creative Characters

The importance of creating creative characters for your writing.

Your Best Writing Life: Why Hire a Writing Coach?

Are writing coaches for everyone? How can a coach help you move your writing forward?

James Quandahl Show: Communication Gems to Stay Out of Negative Relational Cycles, and Writing Advice From PeggySue Wells

How PeggySue Wells completed 30 books and how writing is a team sport

Sarah Hamaker: The collaboration of PeggySue Wells

PeggySue collaborates often with writers and others to get their stories told. “I write well with others,” she said. Her co-author Max Garland gave her ten bullet points to write The Patent, and the two collaborated on the details and plot.

Meet PeggySue

When I’m not writing, I parasail, scuba dive, skydive, snorkel, and haven taken (but not passed) pilot training. My greatest adventure has been being called Mama by seven awesome children and Mimi! by my Grammy awards.

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